TATA Ultra Trucks Price list in India

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Tata Ultra truck Prices

Tata Ultra truck Models with Images Price list in India

Tata Ultra 812 truck

Tata ULTRA 812 truck price

Rs.10,94,000 /-

Tata ULTRA 912 truck price

Rs.10,53,000 /-

Tata Ultra 1012 price

TATA ULTRA 1012 truck price

Rs.1,394,000 /- to 1,479,000 /-

Tata Ultra 1014 Truck Price in India

Tata ULTRA 1014 truck price

Rs.13,94,000 /- to 14,79,000 /-

Tata Ultra 1518 Truck

Tata Ultra 1518 truck price

Rs.19,26,000 /- to 20,16,000 /-

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