Ring Lockable, GPS Dash Camera & Internal Camera




Ring Lockable, GPS Dash Camera & Internal Camera

Some insurance companies offer lower premiums to those with a dash camera.Ring’s selection of dash cameras offer affordable ability to self protect against fraudulent insurance claims.Simplistic plug and play setup with advanced features and functionality. With the Ring mobile app users can easily playback, download and share your recorded clips.


  • Lockable Micro SD slot sealed within the unit with a hex screw to prevent tampering
  • Adjustable 120º lens
  • Fits all windscreen types to capture a wide view of the road
  • Up to 10 hours recording time
  • 64GB Included
  • 1080p HD resolution for a sharper, clearer image
  • Password protected firmware
  • For extra security the user must enter a password to prevent alteration of the captured footage
  • GPS function
  • Location stamped on to video recording to help log journeys being made


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