Best Tractor Company in India

Here in this post, you will get to know about them which are the top most popular tractor companies in the Indian market with the brief information about each company. I hope that all kinds of information will satisfy your eagerness to know Top Best Tractor Companies in India. India is a country which is mostly depending on farming. There is a big tractor market in this country with a lot of big and small tractor companies.

Best Tractor Company in India

  1. Mahindra tractors (Mahindra & Mahindra LTD Company)
  2. Swaraj tractors (Punjab Tractors PLTD Company)
  3. Sonalika Tractors (Sonalika Group)
  4. Jhon Deere tractors
  5. Massey Ferguson India
  6. Eicher tractors (Eicher Tractor Corporation of India Pvt Ltd )

1.Mahindra tractors (Mahindra & Mahindra LTD Company)

.Mahindra tractors (Mahindra & Mahindra LTD Company)

Mahindra Tractor is largest tractor manufacturing company in India. It is part of Mahindra & Mahindra Group.

Mahindra is the highest selling tractor in the world in terms of selling units. Mahindra & Mahindra produced its first tractor – The Mahindra B-275.

Mahindra is selling tractors in India, China, and North America and now in Australia. The company is the largest manufacturer in India. Factory of Mahindra is having the capacity of manufacturing 150,000 units per year.

Mahindra Tractor sold around 85,000 annually. To expand the market in China, Mahindra acquires stakes in Jiangling.

Brands of Mahindra are Swaraj Tractor, Shaktiman, FARM PLUS, ITMCO-Mahindra, Jiangling, Feng-Shou, and Lennar.

Plants of Mahindra Tractor Based in India:

  1. Jaipur, Rajasthan 2. Mumbai, Maharashtra 3. Mohali, Punjab 4. Nagpur, Maharastra 5. Rudrapur, Uttarakhand 6. Zahirabad,Telangana 7. Rajkot, Gujarat 8. Vadodara, Gujarat and 9. Amreli, Gujarat.


2.Swaraj tractor (Punjab Tractors Limited (PTL) company)

Swaraj tractor (Punjab Tractors Limited (PTL) company)

In 1970, the Government of Punjab acquires design of Swaraj Tractors and established Punjab Tractors Limited (PTL) company. Still, PTL is selling tractors in the name of Swaraj Tractors instead of Punjab Tractors.

After 37 years of Punjab Tractors Limited, in 2007 Mahindra and Mahindra acquired majority stakes of PTL. After that, in February 2009 it was merged into M&M as the Swaraj Division of Mahindra and Mahindra.

Swaraj is also exporting to various countries like Gambia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ghana, and the USA.

Swaraj division won the prestigious Deming Prize Award, and Swaraj is second tractor company who has won this Award.

The Swaraj Division of Mahindra and Mahindra Limited, Farm Equipment Sector (FES) is a part of USD 15.9 billion of Mahindra group. Swaraj Brand is known for producing rugged, powerful and reliable tractors.

Swaraj has 600 dealers in India and today it is Rs. 3,000 Crore company with 5,000 employees. Swaraj has 2 tractor plants in Mohali and Chapper Cheri.

Swaraj Group has achieved ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certification and TS 16949 certification for Swaraj Automotives Ltd.


3.Sonalika tractors (Sonalika Group)

Sonalika tractors (Sonalika Group)

Sonalika tractor is manufactured by Sonalika Group, Which is Indian multinational Company. It is a 3rd largest tractor manufacturer in India. It was founded in 1969. Headquarter of Sonalika tractor is placed in Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

Sonalika Has tag line: “Jisne sapna nahin dekha use bhi sapna dikhana hai, Gali Gali Sonalika pahunchaana hai”

Sonalika has also set up Skill Development training centers across India for farmers to provide training on proper usage of tractors and farm implements.

Sonalika Tractor is serving worldwide. Major products of Sonalika Group are Tractors, Multi-utility vehicles, engines.

Farm machinery attachments, diesel gensets, auto components and pick and carry cranes. Sonalika Group has around 5k employees.

Core Values of Sonalika Tractor

Sonalika ITL is committed to its core values to serve its patrons with passion and deliver quality, the company strives to build a relationship based on trust and promotes teamwork and innovation amongst its employees.


4.Jhon Deere India

Jhon Deere India

John Deere started the business in India in the year 1998. Its headquarters is placed at Pune, India. John Deere offers Drive Engines, Grain Harvesting, Implements, Drivetrain, Components, Generator, Marine Engines, Industrial Diesel Engines, and Tractors.


5.Massey Ferguson India

Massey Ferguson India

Standard Motor Products of India Limited had been assembling Massey Ferguson tractor in India for Massey Ferguson India, Which was a Bangalore based company handling the entire MF business in India.

Massey Ferguson was looking for a company that would, in a phased manner, manufacture its tractors in India and successful negotiations with the Amalgamations Group lead to the group taking over the Bangalore operations and moving it to Chennai, then Madras.

Now, Massey Ferguson’s entire business in India is handling by TAFE (Tractor and Farm Equipment Limited).

Website of Massey Ferguson India is

On 15th Dec 1960, Mr. S. Anantharamakrishnan announced at press conference at Chennai that his plans to manufacture tractor and implements at Simpson’s Industrial Estate in collaboration with Massey Ferguson of Toronto.

TAFE is selling and manufacturing three brands in India: Massey Ferguson, TAFE, and EICHER.

6.Eicher (Eicher Tractor Corporation of India Pvt Ltd )

Eicher (Eicher Tractor Corporation of India Pvt Ltd )

Eicher set up the Eicher Tractor Corporation of India Pvt Ltd in 1959, with Goodearth Company based in New Delhi, India. They began production of Eicher Tractor in 1960 of Indian build Eicher Tractor.

Now, Eicher’s all business handled by TAFE (Tractor and Farm Equipment Limited) Motors and Tractors Limited. It is subsidiary of Tractor and Farm Equipment Limited, Which is called as TAFE.

Company’s core values are Customer, Quality, People, Trust, Ethics, Environment, and Change.

Company’s corporate office based in 77, Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai, India – 600 034